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Welcome to our helpful guide for Pakistan. Should you be looking to travel, live, relocate or do business in Pakistan, we will give you a helpful head start on understanding the country and its cultures. It is bordered by Afghanistan on the north and west. Iran makes up its southwest boarder. China makes up part of its northeast border while Kashmir makes up the rest. Pakistan has three seasons: winter November to March is warm and cooled by sea breezes on the coast; summer April to July has extreme temperatures and the monsoon season July to September has the highest rainfall on the hills. Pakistan came into existence to provide its people with a way of life-based on Islam.

COVID-19: Pakistan’s preparations and response

I stumbled upon it a few years ago. I noticed that I could pick up my newspaper and almost every day find news about a murdered woman. But it went on and on. Names changed, localities changed, the relationship between the murdered and her murderer changed and of course there were minor variations on how she was killed and where the body was found, but it was always there: single column, one and a half inches.

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Daily life of Pakistani potters in Peshawar

There are now clear warnings of a global economic recession as workers continue to fall sick, factories remain shut, and healthcare systems become overwhelmed. Mitigating the health emergency and extent of economic loss will not be easy for Pakistan. The country of over million is already going through a macroeconomic stabilisation, and ranks below world average on most human development indicators. The spread of disease within and into Pakistan cannot be separated from the global context.

Meanwhile in the country, close to seven million use air transport.

How is day to day life in Pakistan?

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A guide to Pakistan – etiquette, customs, clothing and more…

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The stories of murdered women are recorded with grim regularity in one and half inches of a single newspaper column.

ISLAMABAD: The Azadi March could disrupt everyday life in the capital if it is prolonged or spins out of control because the venue chosen for the march is located in the heart of the city, near educational institutions and government buildings. The venue is next to the metro bus depot and track. The march is scheduled to reach Islamabad on Oct 31, and the leadership of the party has not announced its duration. During a visit to the protest site, Dawn found that while the space will accommodate a large number of protesters, the organisers will have to take steps to reduce dust and remove weeds before people gather there.

One half of the venue is used for parking for visitors to the Sunday Market and the other half, which contains a cricket pitch, is abandoned. The car park is also used as an unauthorised link road between Kashmir Highway and H

Standard of living in Pakistan

Col R Muhammad Hanif. Akram Malik. Anza Abbasi. Mustafa Abdullah Baloch.

Food in Daily Life. Because at least 95 percent of the Pakistani population is Muslim, there are two food customs that are followed almost universally. One is that.

Philip Reeves. Islamabad’s a pretty quiet place at night. That’s no big surprise in a capital full of forts and road blocks. But that’s not the case at the city’s latest landmark, the Centaurus Mall, where Pakistanis, young and old, flock to a place that feels far removed from the problems of Islamabad. We occasionally get postcards from our international correspondents who report and live in various spots around the world.

NPR’s Philip Reeves is based in Pakistan where violence has killed tens of thousands of people in recent years. Philips says some in the capital, Islamabad, to find ways to escape the pressure. My house is a short drive from Parliament and the Supreme Court. The foothills of the Himalayas aren’t so far away. REEVES: It feels like utopia here, until you peer over the spikes on the garden wall and see the armed security guards outside every home.

Daily life and social customs

But what exactly might change and what would remain intact? Have you thought about that? Will hi-tech technologies curtail the little joys and pleasures in our everyday life? Well, for year-old Pakistani illustrator and designer Omar Gilani, no matter how advanced we get, there will be a few intangible elements alive despite development. And with a similar desi -element, Indians have found a common ground to appreciate his work.

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Who were the Indus people?

Abstract This dissertation takes distance from scholarship on Pakistan that considers sectarianism to be the exclusive preserve of religious politics. It fails to ask how and why sectarianism has found support among Pakistanis. I claim sectarianism has to be studied not only as politics but also as a historical condition.

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Throughout Pakistan, as in most agrarian societies, family organization is strongly patriarchal, and most people live with large extended families, often in the same house or family compound. The eldest male, whether he is the father, grandfather, or paternal uncle, is the family leader and makes all significant decisions regarding the family and its members. In wealthy peasant and landowner households and in urban middle-class families, the practice of keeping women in seclusion purdah is still common; when women leave their houses, they typically cover their heads.

Among the rural poor, women have duties on the farm as well as in the house and do not customarily observe purdah. Among the wealthiest Pakistanis, Western education and modes of living have eliminated purdah, but, in general, even among that group, attitudes toward women in society and the family often have been viewed by outsiders as antiquated.

Change has occurred most rapidly among the urban middle-income group, inspired by increasing access to the West as well as by the entry of women into the workforce and into government service. An increasing number of middle-class women have stopped observing purdah, and the education of women has been encouraged. In traditional parts of Pakistan, social organization revolves around kinship rather than around the caste system that is used in India.

The lineage elders constitute a council that adjudicates disputes within the lineage and acts on behalf of the lineage with the outside world—for example, in determining political allegiances. In contemporary Pakistan, the question of class distinction based on historic patterns of social interaction has become blurred by the tendency to pretend that one has lineage to a nobler ancestor.

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A barbershop in Rajkot. Photographs and Text by Michael Benanav. This week, Michael Benanav shares a collection of portraits from Gujarat, a state in western India. With around 10, cases reported daily, India ranks third in the world in new coronavirus infections , behind the United States and Brazil. Here, philosophies of asceticism live side-by-side with those of raw capitalism.

The standard of living in Pakistan differentiates and varies between different classes of society. Pakistan is a largely developing country and according to the.

Welcome to Daily Life! Each week HuffPost World will transport you to one of the corners of the Earth through images that expose the beauty and tragedy of worlds you may have never before seen. A sunset silhouettes a mosque in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Tuesday, Jan. A Pakistani man walks past trucks full of fruit and vegetables at a market on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, Oct.

Pakistani children look on as a man playing baseball takes a shot on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, March 12, Pakistani Saif Ur Rehman, 58, smokes as he sits in the courtyard of his house at the Muslim Colony neighborhood on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, on Friday, April 4, Pakistani men jump into a water canal to take a reprieve from the heat in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday, May 4, A Pakistani boy looks up at balloons in a market on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, Aug.

Pakistani Mohammad Sadeq, 70, is seen inside his house illuminated by a candle, during a power cut on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Monday, Feb. A Pakistani barber shaves a customer at his shop next to a pencil portrait art studio featuring a portrait of slain ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, centre below, among others in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on Wednesday, Nov. A Pakistani man drives his motorcycle carrying children on it along a street in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Friday, March 6, Pakistani laborers have lunch at a roadside in Pakistan’s commercial hub of Karachi, Tuesday, May 6, Like other third world countries, Pakistan is also suffering from price increases and shortage of food stuff.

The recent increase in the cost of petroleum will further aggravate the situation in Pakistan.

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