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The comic misadventures of five teens, including fraternal twins, are explored in this comedy that begins each episode at the end of a situation that went absurdly wrong and goes back to explain what happened. The comic misadventures of five teens, including fraternal twins, are explored. In the opener, a house party spirals out of control. A birthday party at one of the gang’s favorite childhood places spins out of control. The five pals befriend a new guy at school and then regret doing it. A letter Lindy wrote in third grade sends her brother and their friends on a wild hunt. Jasmine and Logan create a spray that makes vegetables taste even more delicious.

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I Didn’t Do It is an American comedy television series that originally aired on Disney Channel Logan starts to freak out, so the rest of the group decides to go the whole 72 hours without their phones as well. Jasmine and Logan fake date to make Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend, Mike, jealous and to show Jenna that Logan is.

Ultra-competitive fraternal twins Lindy and Logan Watson, together with their four best friends, navigate their freshman year of high school. Each episode begins with a comedic “what just happened? The series utilizes flashback scenes to tell the siblings’ unique stories. At their first day of high school, twin siblings Lindy and Logan Watson meet the football team’s quarterback Seth Wall, to whom Lindy instantly crushes on, while Logan wants to befriend him in order to make his and Garrett’s lives during high school much easier.

When their parents travel out of town for work, each of the two siblings think of a party that will bond them with Seth, but their parties are arranged on the same night and end up conflicting. Things get worse when they believe that their babysitter has died and they don’t have a chance to cancel the party. Delia’s mom forces Delia to get a job or re-enter beauty pageants because she thinks she has too much free time.

Lindy finds her one as hostess on Fireman Freddy’s Spaghetti Station, the gang’s favorite restaurant when they were younger. Delia, however, turns out not to be the hostess Freddy wants. When Lindy welcomes a family into the joint, Freddy convinces her to be the new hostess, much to Delia’s dismay.

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Tom Bingham Dwight ex-boyfriend Erin enemies on Jasmine’s side. Piper Curda Saylor Curda little Jasmine. Over the years, Lindy was an unpopular girl, but became popular in her high school years. Jasmine helps Lindy stay grounded after her newfound popularity. Jasmine is a smart, daring, and fashion-forward teenager.

Henderson? Maybe because I see a picture of Logan kiss Victoria. Does Logan Henderson like Victoria Justice? Why do you Logan and Makenzie didn’​t confirm ir yet. So we know that his girlfriend? no, he’s currently dating Jasmine​.

Jasmine Thompson is a YouTube sensation , with more than 3. The year-old singer-songwriter describes her musical style as often being “melancholic,” providing vocals and lyrics that can console anyone having a stay in the Heartbreak Hotel. Zedd, a production powerhouse, blew away in pop collaborations with Katy Perry and Kehlani after earning his second No.

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And suddenly, I got an email from my manager with Zedd’s wonderful production on it, and I was over the moon. I was completely surprised that Zedd actually was working on something I was singing on. Jasmine: Yeah, the song was already written before Zedd jumped on it, but it used to be a sadder song. It was all based on piano and I’ve got a habit of making quite melancholic songs. And then Zedd brought his Zedd-ness to it — you made it quite positive.

Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It” – Season Two

End id. No one is trying to become famous, no one dances, sings, or acts. I thought the show was going to suck but I was actually very pleased when I started watching it.

A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series I Didn’t Do It. Start date: Jan as Logan Watson; Piper Curda as Jasmine; Peyton Clark as Garrett , 15 Mar 15, Lindy & Logan Get Psyched.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. What happens when 66 teams from your favorite cartoons, games, TV shows, etc. It’s nothing but carnage, mayhem, destruction and a whole lot of vomit-inducing action on a super-sized crossover of Total Drama’s Ridonculous Race! Lindy can’t sleep because she’s thinking about how Garrett was attacked by both his mom and Logan for being happy for once.

Garrett can’t sleep because he knows what everyone assumes about him. Set after Lindy Breaks Garrett. Features potentially demisexual as well as OCD Garrett with themes of navigating orientation labels, stereotypes and understanding of oneself.

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And with all the obstacles in their way, will Logan and Jasmine ever become a couple? No matter what goes wrong, you can bet that these five best friends will have a story to tell! View in iTunes. Lindy plays matchmaker with Garrett and the new girl in school, Hayley. Logan and Delia try to get Aubrey to do their science project for them. Betty brings her prized ship’s horn to Rumblejuice and it is stolen!

The last episode of I Didn’t Do It is called “The Rescuers” and Disney describes the plot this way: Meanwhile, Jasmine finally figures out her feelings for Logan. Series co-star Sarah Gilman posted the above photo and an emotional And you cut the show right after logan and jasmine starting dating. comon man not cool.

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I Isaac met Jasmine when we were both 14 years old. She was a student and friend of my mom who taught art at Doherty Highschool at the time. My mom recruited her along with a handful of other students to help paint a mural for Irving middle school; my brother and I, as two of her sons, were recruited as well. I remember the first time I saw Jasmine, painting with a friend of hers.

Logan Watson and Jasmine Kang have been good friends forever due to their parent’s work relationship. But after an innocent kiss, will their relationship remain​.

See our picks list. Title: Logan Finds Out! After Logan gets dumped by his girlfriend, Garrett, Lindy and Delia inadvertently learn Jasmine likes him. In fear he may not feel the same, Jaz begs her friends to keep her secret. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors’ favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Jasmine & Isaac

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Here Comes a Breakthrough by disneychannelfansunite After The Rescuers performed their first gig at Rumble Juice, everyone was so impressed by their talents that Betty began scheduling more performances. Being a new band, The Rescuers must work together to solve their differences and continue to wow the crowd. However, when Lindy and Logan get into a disagreement, they almost break up the band.

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There have been some rumors about him dating Camille, but that’s only on the show. Logan and Makenzie didn’t confirm ir yet. So we know that Logan is free. Well on the show, he is dating Camille. In one episode he liked this new girl,Peggy. No, he has no tattoos or piercingsWe do not know if Logan Henderson has a tattoo if he did i hope it is a heart! In which sealed container would the organisms be able to continuously cycle O2 and CO2 gases?

Jasmine and Logan

Skip to Content. The show entertains more than it teaches kids anything, but there are some fleeting feel-good messages about the better aspects of having siblings. As the title implies, the show plays up the sibling rivalry between twins Lindy and Logan and puts them at odds with each other when it’s time to come clean about the messes they make. There’s a lot of finger-pointing between the two and among their friends , and there’s rarely consequence for the excessive mischief they cause.

But there are also some sweet moments when they act on their true loyalty to and fondness for each other. Lindy and Logan can be competitive, jealous, and underhanded with each other, but when push comes to shove, they have each other’s backs.

I Didn’t Do It – 2×16 – Drum Beats, Heart Beats: Jasmine & Logan (Logan: Not bad​. Not good, either) By Alva Vogt. Jasmine Logan – Top 15 Countdown: The.

Close Menu. Hang out with five best friends who can totally explain what just happened Jasmine and Delia head over to the Watson home for a “wild” slumber party, Garrett gets a messy job at Rumblejuice and Lindy begins a secret relationship with a guy from the rival high school. And what will Jasmine do when she discovers that the gang knows her big secret – she likes Logan! More purchase options. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon.

Jasmine Logan – Top 15 Countdown: The Best Moments